Project Description

Asbury Park

InterCiti Partners, LLC
Project Status:
Phase I constructed in 2009
Project Overview:
• Private development following the Hapeville LCI Study
• 30-acre mixed-use redevelopment in downtown Hapeville
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Hapeville, Georgia
The Asbury Park project is located in Hapeville, Georgia, next to the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The site is made up of 30.3 acres of underused parcels and is in need of revitalization after much of Hapeville’s population left after the last expansion of the nearby airport in the 1970s.

The proposed site plan uses new urbanist ideals while maintaining much of the city’s original street layout. The plan is to bring people together by bringing buildings closer to the road, creating single-family houses with porches, and planting street trees to create a more social streetscape. Underused lots are being converted into condominiums, townhomes and single-family homes, while creating community parks to provide open spaces for people to gather. Mixed-use buildings are designed on the site with commercial uses on the bottom and residential on top, which will draw people into Hapeville for living, working, playing and shopping.

Asbury Park