Downtown Woodstock in Pictures

TSW & Associates has been involved in several projects in Downtown Woodstock, Georgia, including a mixed-use project developed by Hedgewood Properties and streetscape redevelopment. Below is a site plan and pictures showing recent development in Woodstock.

Over site plan for Woodstock

View looking north on Main Street from the development,
showing future renovated depot at right.

A “Coming Soon” sign announced the future mixed-use core.

Future mixed-use core as seen from the south.

View looking south on Main Street showing a newly
constructed street that was raised to create a strong connection
to the historic buildings across Main Street.

View looking down a new townhome street, with Dial Park at right.

View looking west from the future mixed-use core towards the more residential area.

Little Dial Park forms the terminus of a new residential street.

View towards City Hall along a new street.

View looking from the Little Dial Park towards the mixed-use core.

View from Little Dial Park towards new single-family homes, with Dial Park at right.

View of new single-family homes from across Dial Park.

New single-family homes facing Dial Park.

Future rowhouses.

New single-family homes.

TSW’s Adam Williamson verifies the width of a future alley by pacing it off.

Construction has begun on new single-family homes and cottages.