Hampton, GA Update

Caleb Racicot and Woody Giles paid a visit to downtown Hampton this week to see the progress made since TSW’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) plan was adopted in 2011. The plan brought together local citizens to brainstorm solutions to revitalize the struggling downtown.

So much change has happened on Main Street! Today, there are new restaurants, a coffee shop and bookstore, boutique retail, and more along Main Street. A Japanese restaurant is currently filling out a vacant storefront space. The City has also received a grant to create a multi-use trail that will connect an elementary school to a park near downtown.

The City’s copy of the LCI plan was well worn—a great sign that it is being used!—and has post-it notes for the implementation section with check marks of everything that has been accomplished. This is a great testament to a community that did not let its plan sit on the shelf! Hampton is currently looking to update its zoning ordinance to ensure that regulations will help the plan be implemented.

Click here to read the full plan.

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