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Planning Studio.

Planning Studio.

Planning Studio Projects

The TSW Planning Studio takes a holistic approach to project planning and design, placing a high priority on livability and sustainability. Our team of planners specializes in every aspect of the process, from conception to design to implementation, and has a proven record of creating sustainable communities, complexes, parks, and buildings. By leveraging our real-world knowledge of development, retail economics, sustainability, and feasibility, we ensure that our projects are not only successful but also have a positive impact on the environment and the community. Through meaningful stakeholder involvement, we build on the local and regional identity, establish a unique market niche, and create a strong sense of place that reflects the aspirations of our clients and the community while promoting sustainable living. Our goal is to develop projects that are functional and also promote a better quality of life for all those who use them while having a positive environmental impact.

The planning studio projects includes a wide range of projects, such as community design, neighborhood design, comprehensive planning, transportation planning, coding and design guidelines, downtown master planning, and higher education planning.

Community Design

Comprehensive Planning

Coding & Design Guidelines

Downtown Master Planning

Neighborhood Planning

Transportation Planning

Higher Education Planning