Project Description

TSW Atlanta_Beltline_Master_Plan_Subarea_2_02-200x200 Atlanta BeltLine Master Plan: Subarea 2

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc
Project Status:
Completed in 2009
Project Overview:
• A series of transit-supportive neighborhood centers focused on future transit stops
• A balanced transportation program that supports the land use vision
• A street framework plan to establish mandatory locations for new streets
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Atlanta, Georgia

TSW was retained by Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. in 2007 to develop a master plan for Subarea 2 of the BeltLine. The BeltLine is a 22-mile network of trails, transit, and parks using abandoned rail lines to connect the city’s neighborhoods. Due to its scale, the BeltLine is divided into 10 subareas for more detailed planning. Subarea 2, The Heritage Communities of South Atlanta, lies south of downtown and includes many former industrial areas expected to transform as the BeltLine becomes a reality. The master plan’s goal was to develop a 30 year transportation, land use, public space, and design plan that integrated BeltLine-spurred development into the city’s fabric.

Through an extensive public outreach process, the TSW team developed a vision for the subarea to guide its redevelopment into a series of transit-supportive neighborhood centers focused on future transit stops. Within each center the plan defined appropriate development intensities and building scale, with special attention given to creatively incorporating historic resources, public spaces, and community facilities. Where centers adjoined existing less intense areas, the plan provided transitions between higher and lower intensities.

A balanced transportation program was also developed to support the land use vision. It included pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular projects focused on equal access for all. A street framework plan was also provided to, vis a vis the Atlanta Zoning Code, establish mandatory locations for new streets.

TSW Atlanta_Beltline_Master_Plan_Subarea_2_01 Atlanta BeltLine Master Plan: Subarea 2