Atlanta Farmers Market

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc
Project Status:
Completed in 2009
Project Overview:
• Redevelopment plan for the historic Atlanta Farmers Market site
• Examination of historic building reuse potential
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Atlanta, Georgia
The Atlanta Farmer’s Market site is a 16.4 acre former industrial property located on the southern side of the Atlanta Beltline, a 22-mile loop of trails, parks, transit, and redevelopment circling downtown Atlanta. The site, which has been vacant for over a decade, includes 11 historic buildings totaling nearly 300,000 square feet of floor area, along with open air exhibition halls and loading areas. It represents one of the largest underutilized properties along the BeltLine and sits in an area lacking in park space and economic opportunity.

As part of a larger master planning effort for BeltLine Subarea 2, TSW led a team that assessed current conditions at the market and then worked with the community to establish a vision for its future. This included an architectural analysis of which buildings were priorities for preservation, and recommendations for what potential uses were possible without significantly compromising their historic integrity.

The community-based vision that emerged for the property calls for transforming it into a mix of parkland and commercial areas that would provide both neighborhood open space and much needed jobs. It includes recommendations for reusing several historic buildings as low-cost business incubators that could provide space for neighborhood entrepreneurs and artists. It also included limited opportunities for live/work space, a housing type that could further support the neighborhood’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Atlanta Farmers Market