SEC Development, LLC Halpren Enterprises, Inc.
Project Status:
Design completed in 2006
Project Overview:
• Redevelop strip shopping center into mixed-use development
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Smyrna, Georgia

While the Atlanta region grapples with increasing traffic congestion, TSW is committed to projects that will enhance existing communities by creating mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly developments that will reduce a person’s dependence on the automobile and decrease overall daily trips.

TSW was retained by SEC Development, LLC and Halpern Enterprises, Inc. to transform the current, marginal strip shopping center into a mixed-use development that balances a variety of residential options and an appropriate amount of commercial space in proximity to downtown Smyrna. The redevelopment fronts Windy Hill Road and Atlanta Road with several commercial and condominium buildings, while lower density residential complements the surrounding adjacent neighborhoods. With approximately 120,000 SF of commercial, 20,000 SF of office, 986 residential units, and five acres of greenspace, the project will serve as an example for the Atlanta metropolitan region for the redevelopment of a site at this scale.