Project Description

TSW BelmontVA01 Belmont

Orinda Corporation
Project Status:
Designed in 2005
Project Overview:
• Mixed-use infill development on a former industrial site 
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Charlottesville, Virginia

Belmont, located just outside downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, is a mixed-use infill development on a formerly underutilized industrial site. The development complements surrounding industrial and residential areas and connects to current redevelopment activities across the railroad line with a pedestrian bridge. The master plan for Belmont incorporates several mixed-use buildings on an existing street grid. Surface parking is minimized on the site by providing parking in an underground structure, which creates a more cohesive pedestrian environment. Adding to the pedestrian environment are several open spaces, including a courtyard, common greens, hardscape plazas, and a pond.

TSW BelmontVA02 Belmont