Project Status:
Project Overview:
• Academic program based approach
• Services range from campus master plan to facility renovation and landscape design
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Traditional master plans for campuses have typically been provided by architects or landscape architects. Master plans have, therefore, evolved from one of two perspectives. Architects focus on the appearance, condition and placement of existing and proposed facilities. Landscape architects typically limit their scope to the campus site systems such as circulation. Both approaches lack a vital planning aspect: facility space evaluation. If a master plan is to function as a guide for future development, planning efforts must originate in the most fundamental element of the institution: the academic program.

TSW employs a unique, non-traditional approach in its master planning efforts. We work with academic and administrative staff to reaffirm the institution’s mission statement, goals, and objectives. We then use public and proprietary space formulas to evaluate existing facilities and define future needs, which are translated into proposed buildings. Future campus system modifications are developed, incorporating future facilities into the existing campus fabric. The resulting master plan fully integrates the academic program with the campus framework.

Public institutions of higher education offer a special challenge. Not only must master plans respond to the academic program, but they must also abide by the restrictions dictated by administrative agencies. TSW has extensive experience working with state representatives and current knowledge of national planning trends and state policies. Private institutions allow more flexibility even though the master planning process is essentially the same. TSW knows that master plans often act as marketing tools for the acquisition of private gifts and that a solid planning approach provides a thorough justification of proposed developments to potential donors.

Let TSW develop the campus plan that will carry your institution forward into the future fully prepared.