Project Description

Chason Park


Client: City of Bainbridge, GA

Location: Bainbridge, Georgia

Status: In Design Development


  • Context-sensitive to historic downtown area

  • Focuses on pedestrian connections to the river

  • Programming designed to support a growing population


TSW prepared developed a Master Plan for Chason Park, a historic park that is in between the historic downtown district and the Flint river, in Bainbridge, Georgia. In the early stages of the masterplan, the park area expanded from looking at the renovation of a historic park into a larger framework that connected the downtown to the river, other riverfront parks and could support redevelopment of vacant and underutilized parcels.

Half of the park is located on a large bluff overlooking the river and half of the park is located in the 100-year floodplain and would be an extension of an existing riverfront trail. The upper park has active  programming that supports the needs of a growing resident population in downtown such as a play area with a splash pad, flexible lawn, small shade structure, ample seating and overlook views of the river.

The lower park is proposed to be connected to the upper park by a grand staircase and ramp that is built into the side of the bluff and lands in a lawn space with a river backdrop and connections to a river path extension, trailhead, a fitness area and a dog park. TSW has provided phasing and grant funding strategies and will help the clients prioritize the projects into implementable segments.