Project Description

TSW ChristChurch_Presbyterian_Chutch_01-200x200 Christchurch Presbyterian Church    TSW

ChristChurch Presbyterian
Gertler & Wente
Project Status:
Completed in 2014
Project Overview:
• Full architectural services for new sanctuary space and repurposing of office building into church classrooms and office
• Modern non-traditional style that complements surrounding Peachtree Street architecture
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Atlanta, Georgia

TSW ChristChurch_Presbyterian_Chutch_02-740x486 Christchurch Presbyterian Church    TSW

TSW ChristChurch_Presbyterian_Chutch_03-414x560 Christchurch Presbyterian Church    TSWThe new home of ChristChurch Presbyterian is at a prominent corner on Peachtree Street, the main north-south thoroughfare through the city. A 1960s office building occupied the site. Following studies which investigated clearing the site, the final design retained part of the existing building for the classrooms, and entirely wrapped it with new additions.

The congregation asked us to solve three key issues:
• to create a new church with an urban character that is also welcoming, in order to support the church’s outreach to the diverse community that they serve;
• to make a flexible sanctuary for 925 worshipers, to accommodate large gatherings and worship services;
• to satisfy a complex program, for an art gallery, twenty-one children’s and youth classrooms, four adult classrooms, offices and a public café.

The core of the project is a light-filled sanctuary, in an amphitheater configuration, expressed on the exterior as a separate form rising from the main roof. The sanctuary includes a stage that speaks to a balance between preaching and music-making, full AV installation and electro-chromatic glass. In keeping with the outreach mission, interior windows open up the sanctuary directly to the street.

Photography by Kelly Holtz Photography