City of Alpharetta
Project Status:
Plan completed in 2015
Project Overview:
• Downtown Master Plan to guide future development and great connectivity in the area
• Extensive public participation to ensure that the vision was community-supported
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Alpharetta, Georgia
TSW was part of a consultant team to guide the City of Alpharetta in the development of their Downtown Master Plan that will leverage the recent City Center development and promote greater connectivity between major activity centers (City Center, Avalon, and Wills Park), while fostering greater economic sustainability.
The Master Plan consisted of:

  • Inventorying and assessing existing conditions, ordinances, and plans for the downtown area
  • Facilitating a community-based vision
  • ƒƒDeveloping a Master Plan through a dynamic hands-on approach involving community leaders, property owners, business owners, and residents
  • ƒƒCrafting regulating plans and code revision, Comprehensive Plan amendments, and design and development guidelines to begin implementation of the community vision

Key recommendations that resulted from an extensive existing conditions analysis and input from numerous public meetings and workshops were:

  • Roadway Plan, to provide greater connectivity, giving residents and visitors alternate routes and transportation options
  • ƒƒBicycle/Pedestrian Paths, to provide greater connectivity and safer routes for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • ƒƒParking Meter Plan, to encourage turnover of on-street parking spaces within the downtown core
  • Parking Deck Plan, to provide structured parking options in different areas of the downtown core, addressing parking concerns of residents, businesses, and visitors
  • ƒƒStormwater Plan, to increase capacity of the stormwater system for future development, while also incorporating new standards and strategies to allow and promote the use of cisterns, bioswales, and permeable paving
  • ƒƒDowntown District Plan, to preserve and strengthen the historic hear of the downtown core through strategic protections of its historic resources and integration of sensitive new development

Alpharetta_Downtown_Master_Plan_02TSW’s overall role was project design and assisting in outreach support, which included helping thecommunity in understanding alternatives for the character of future development and using that input to refine the Master Plan’s vision. Following the completion of the Master Plan, TSW is currently working on a new set of regulations to implement the plan’s vision.