Project Description

Duluth Downtown Master Plan


Client: City of Duluth

Location: Duluth, Georgia

Status: Master Plan completed and catalyst projects are in the planning phase


  • Master Plan for Duluth’s downtown core to establish a vision for the future of the area
  • Policy recommendations that are needed to support and encourage enhancements and catalyst projects


TSW was retained by the City of Duluth to develop their Downtown Master Plan. The purpose of the Master Plan is to establish a vision for the future of downtown Duluth as a true hometown and a regional magnet for commerce, and to detail an implementation strategy of the processes and next steps to fulfill that vision. Key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • Master Land Use Plan documenting the highest and best uses prescribed for each land parcel targeted for redevelopment.
  • Phasing of the full build-out of downtown assets with a detailed timeline of activities.
  • Projected costs of city infrastructure and other supports that are needed to incentivize projects, along with potential the sources of funding.
  • Detail of project improvements and enhancements needed in the public realm, from stormwater and utility upgrades to streets, sidewalks and bike paths, parking, and greenspace.
  • Changes needed to regulatory code and ordinance to support the mix of uses and authenticity of the downtown environment.
  • Examination of the trade area data that assures there is adequate market demand to support new development.