Glynn County Veterans Memorial Park


Client: Glynn County, GA

Location: Brunswick, Georgia

Status: Under Construction


  • 3.5-acre green space

  • 4,500 sf monument plaza focal point

  • Native plant choices and the preservation of four large historic live oak trees



Glynn County Veterans Memorial Park is an approximately 3.5-acre green space located in downtown Brunswick, GA. The park’s layout is comprised of a network of circles/semi-circles with a strong central axis. The complexity of sidewalks provides visitors with a variety of walking trail options while also forming a focal point around the park’s 4,500 sf monument plaza. The monument plaza contains six granite markers (4’ w. x 6’ ht.)  representative of each branch of the military and one central granite marker (6’ w. x 10’ ht.), which pays homage, via engraving, to those Glynn County Veterans who lost their lives while serving. Being the heart of the park, the monument plaza also serves as a stage for speakers and/or musicians during special events.

Other components of the Veterans Memorial Park include a new 52 stall parking lot, an entry gateway sign, a 45’ long granite bridge over a bioswale, a wooden boardwalk with a colonnade of palm trees, and a large open lawn which also serves as a natural amphitheater. The park paid close attention to native plant choices and accepted the challenges associated with preserving four large historic live oak trees, of which the largest one had a 72”+ DBH.