Kingsport Downtown Master Plan


Client: City of Kingsport

Location: Kingsport, Tennessee

Status: Completed in 2018


  • The goal of the Downtown Master Plan was to attract and retain businesses, visitors, residents, and developers

  • Community-based planning process with a variety of methods to gather feedback



Over the years, the City of Kingsport has built upon its legacy of being a planned community by continuing to plan for the future. In recent years, Kingsport community leaders established a goal for the city to attract and retain businesses, visitors, residents, and developers. In order to help meet that goal, the City retained TSW in 2017 to lead a multidisciplinary team to develop a master plan that focuses on improvements to the downtown area. The master planning process builds upon and brings together previous planning efforts to create a unified vision for physical improvements, policy updates, and redevelopment potential of Kingsport’s downtown.

The plan includes components of traditional downtown master planning with a heavy emphasis on:

  • Developing a vision to reinforce and magnify Kingsport’s downtown role as the economic and cultural heart of the community
  • Building consensus among different groups, including property owners, business owners, public agencies, City advisory groups, Chamber of Commerce, students, educational institutions, and residents.
  • Developing and prioritizing public improvements and streetscape enhancements.
  • Demonstrating a path forward for the existing Academic Village, analyzing student demand for expansion and amenities.
  • Facilitating the direction, type, location, and scale of new development and associated downtown improvements for the next 10 years.

With an intensive community input process, which included Visioning Workshops, an involved Steering Committee, stakeholder interviews, Community Education Sessions, and online surveys, citizens had multiple opportunities for input in a variety of settings and formats.