Project Description


Project Status:
Partially built
Project Overview:
• New town planning and former agricultural company town revitalization
• Focal architecture design
• Architectural design standards development
• “Ecolodging” facilities prototype design
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Molokai, Hawaii

Since 1990, TSW has been leading the master planning effort for this 55,000-acre landholding on the sparsely-populated island of Molokai. As a result of the decline of the pineapple industry, this former plantation is planning for a multifaceted future, to include ranching, diversified agriculture, and tourism. Our work includes design of new towns and revitalization of former agricultural company towns, comprehensive land use planning, development of focal architecture an design standards, and prototype design for “ecolodging” facilities.

The Molokai Ranch strategy for revitalizing the island’s economy revolves around creating a 30,000-acre ecotourism park and “Recreation Network” of low-impact hiking/equestrian trails and overnight camp/lodging facilities, integrated throughout the various environmental zones of the Ranch. These “Outposts”, according to their locations, are designed near specific activities including water sports, archaeological exploration, rodeo, etc.