Project Description

TSW SpanglerResidence01 Spangler Residence    TSW

Spangler family
Project Status:
Project Overview:
• Jerry Spangler’s family home in Atlanta’s Westside
• “Contemporary farmhouse” designed by Jerry Spangler and his wife Elizabeth
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Atlanta, Georgia

TSW SpanglerResidence02 Spangler Residence    TSW

Jerry Spangler of TSW and designer Elizabeth Spangler, former owner of EPID, planned and designed their family home in Atlanta’s Westside. Elizabeth and Jerry split the responsibilities between interior and exterior. Although each had significant input into all aspects of the design, Jerry was responsible for the home’s structure and exterior, while Elizabeth created the interior spaces. They sat down together to create a “wish list” and even solicited input from daughter Natalie and son William.

Jerry drew inspiration from the wooded lot and was able to site the home so that there are views over the treetops. He incorporated a lot of windows into the design to take advantage of the natural light and the privacy the woods provide. Elizabeth used natural themes and colors throughout the house to bring the outdoors in. The result is what Jerry calls a contemporary farmhouse. The rooms are open, spacious and airy with a loft-like quality. There is no grass in the yard, only natural groundcovers, gravel and a permeable patio. The lot is large enough for a kitchen and herb garden and perhaps even a small flock of chickens some day.

TSW SpanglerResidence03 Spangler Residence    TSW