Project Description

TSW VineCityPlaza01 Vine City Plaza    TSW

Vine City Health and Housing Ministry
Project Status:
Partially built
Project Overview:
• Residential over retail mixed-use building
• Phased approach of building the first-floor commercial in phase one, and potential residential above in the future
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Atlanta, Georgia

TSW VineCityPlaza02 Vine City Plaza    TSW

After years of working with the Vine City neighborhood on their latest master plan, TSW was selected as the architect for a new retail building in this historic area. The client, Vine City Health, and Housing Ministry purchased the property including the older dilapidated commercial buildings knowing that it would be an important place for a re-envisioned neighborhood-serving retail node.

The owner and neighbors had always conceived the site as a three-story mixed use building–retail below two floors of residential–however the market and funding tempered that vision slightly. Responding to the times, the design team was able to introduce a phased approach to the construction such that the first-floor commercial was planned, designed and constructed with the ability to accept two more floors of residential when the market returns. With smart planning, a simple structure, and careful detailing the cost to build the lower floor was marginally more expensive than a typical one-story model.

The building is a simple storefront model hearkening to nearby turn-of-the-century commercial buildings: a wide sidewalk in front, parking, and service in the back. Pulled up tight to the sidewalk with dignified pedestrian entrances, its design reinforces the walking environment and existing urban character of this in-town location. Durable and handsome tan brick lends a slightly more modern flair and the bold use of contemporary colors help enliven one of Vine City’s main thoroughfares.