Project Description

TSW YucuiyuanLandscapeDesign01 Yucuiyuan Landscape Design

Li Feng
Project Status:
Completed in 2011
Project Overview:
• Landscape design for a multifamily residential development in Northern China
• Created a series of public and private open spaces with contemporary water features and shade structures
• Include both active and passive spaces for everyday recreation
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Pulandian, Liaoning Province, China

TSW was hired in 2011 to work on landscape design for a residential neighborhood in the City of Pulandian in China’s Liaoning Province. The residential neighborhood has seven residential buildings ranging from six to fourteen stories. It also includes ground floor commercial space at the entry building and a neighborhood center. The total area of the neighborhood is 4.7 acres. An underground parking garage occupies two-thirds of the site under part of the residential buildings.

TSW worked on the conceptual design, schematic design and design development for the project. The landscape design creates a series of public and private spaces. The finely detailed paths with a variety of materials connect the spaces. The courtyards have many contemporary water features and shade structures throughout creating a tranquil environment. Other amenities include a playground and basketball court for active recreation. The project is now under construction.

TSW YucuiyuanLandscapeDesign02 Yucuiyuan Landscape Design

TSW Yucuiyuan_LumionStill Yucuiyuan Landscape Design

TSW Yucuiyuan_LumionStill2 Yucuiyuan Landscape Design

TSW Yucuiyuan_LumionStill3 Yucuiyuan Landscape Design