TSW’s Glenwood Park has been recognized by theCongress for the New Urbanism (CNU) in its 2003 Charter Award program. The Charter Awardsexist to recognize the best practices in the world of New Urbanism. The Charter of the New Urbanism is a difficult taskmaster. Very few projects manage to fulfill all, or even most, of its principles. The winners of the Charter Awards must demonstrate that they do an exemplary job of following the principles of New Urbanism.

With its focus on urban design, the Charter Awards are dramatically different from most architecture awards. Most awards assess buildings in a vacuum, neglecting the context of the surrounding environs. The Charter Awards look at how plans and projects respond to and integrate with their environment and, consequently, how they improve the human experience of blocks, neighborhoods, and regions.

Glenwood Park was awarded in the “Neighbhorhood, District, and Corridor Category.” This represents the first time a neighborhood in Georgia has received this prestigous award.

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