PEDS Golden Shoe Awards


The annual Golden Shoe Awards held by PEDS in Atlanta, Georgia, recently celebrated its 15th year. This event recognizes the people and projects that have made significant contributions to creating walkable communities in the Atlanta region. Among the many deserving recipients were two projects led by Caleb Racicot, a principal with TSW, a planning and architecture firm based in Atlanta.

The first project that Caleb Racicot led and was recognized for at the Golden Shoe Awards was the City of Doraville Livable Community Form-based Code. This innovative project is a comprehensive overhaul of the city’s zoning code, which is focused on creating more walkable and mixed-use developments. The new code prioritizes walkability, bikeability, and transit accessibility, making it easier for residents to move around without relying on cars.

The second project was the Old Fourth Ward/Inman Park Transportation Strategy, which is aimed at improving transportation options and safety in these two Atlanta neighborhoods. The project included extensive community outreach and engagement to ensure that the transportation strategy met the unique needs of the residents in these communities.

In addition to these two projects, TSW’s work on Glenwood Park and Woodstock Downtown was also recognized at the Golden Shoe Awards. These projects were part of the 15-year transformation presentation, which highlighted the many positive changes that have taken place in the Atlanta region over the last 15 years.

Overall, TSW’s work on these projects has made a significant impact on the Atlanta region’s walkability, transportation options, and livability. By prioritizing these factors, TSW and other like-minded organizations are helping to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all Atlantans. The Golden Shoe Awards provide a platform to recognize and celebrate these contributions and inspire others to continue the important work of building walkable communities.

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PEDS Golden Shoe Awards