100 Peachtree


Client: American Capital Partners

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2015


  • Signature urban plaza for 100 Peachtree
  • Design includes outdoor cafe seating, low impact design/silva cells, and granite paving/signage


TSW was retained by American Capital Partners to provide planning and design for a signature urban plaza space, 100 Peachtree, and streetscape project in downtown Atlanta. The plaza, which serves as the key entrance element and outdoor gathering space for 100 Peachtree (Equitable Building), is designed to be a functional and visually appealing space that serves the needs of the building’s tenants and visitors.

The 100 Peachtree Plaza includes outdoor seating cafe space, granite paving, and signage. The cafe space provides a comfortable and inviting area for people to sit and enjoy their surroundings while the granite paving provides a durable and low-maintenance surface that can withstand the heavy foot traffic. The plaza also includes a signature entrance sign that denotes the building’s main entrance.

The sign is integrated into a seat wall adjacent to cafe space. The sign is composed of a monolithic piece of granite with raised laser cut steel and frosted glass. The steel is aluminum, and its forms reflect the geometry of the modernist building. At night the frosted glass is backlit with an LED strip, which gives the signage a subtle glow. The frosted glass is also an area for the building’s tenant to display decal stickers of their company.

The 100 Peachtree Plaza and streetscape project is a key element of the building and serves as the main point of entry for visitors and tenants. The design of the plaza and streetscape is intended to create a sense of arrival and to provide a welcoming environment that reflects the building’s modernist aesthetic. The plaza also serves as a functional space that provides a comfortable and inviting area for people to relax and enjoy the surroundings.