Project Description

Augusta Sustainable Development Implementation Program: Cherry Tree Crossing Redevelopment


Client: City of Augusta

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2013


  • Recognition – 2013 Georgia Planning Association Award for Outstanding Planning Document
  • 4.5 mile corridor plan
  • Plan follows HUD guidelines and Livability Principles
  • Plan promotes higher-density, mixed-use, and mixed-income development in appropriate areas


TSW led a consultant team to develop a detailed corridor plan and implementation program for the City of Augusta, Georgia, that follows HUD guidelines and Livability Principles. The corridor is a 4.5 mile north-south “spine” in the core of the city, which runs from downtown to the vacant Regency Mall area along 15th Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and Deans Bridge Road. The project entails four interrelated initiatives:

  • Creating a detailed plan and implementation program for a cluster of transit-oriented development neighborhoods along the corridor
  • Developing a detailed plan for a multi-modal transportation corridor
  • Revising current codes to facilitate higher-density, mixed-use and mixed-income development
  • Creating an implementation plan for green, affordable housing in the corridor

One of the key focus areas of the program is Cherry Tree Crossing, a dilapidated public housing development that is scheduled for demolition. TSW’s new plan for
Cherry Tree’s redevelopment reflects the community’s desire to have the area more integrated within the surrounding urban fabric and provide a variety of housing opportunities. As part of the process, the Augusta Housing Authority and relocation experts met with residents multiple times to determine new housing that fits needs for bedrooms, school zones, and other priorities.