Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan


Client: Banks County

Location: Banks Crossing, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2012


  • Plan follows Georgia Redevelopment Act requirements
  • Redevelopment Plan to guide public investments in transportation, economic growth, infrastructure, and open space
  • Detailed concept studies developed with property owner input for key sites
  • Zoning updates developed to implement the plan


In recent decades, Banks Crossing has become an important business center for Banks County and the surrounding area. However, the area faced challenges such as a number of vacant properties and buildings, as well as some aesthetic issues, which meant that a redevelopment plan was necessary to help the area reach its full potential. Recognizing the importance of the area, TSW was retained to develop the Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan.

The Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan is an ambitious but implementable plan that aims to transform the Banks Crossing area by enhancing property values and creating jobs through streetscape improvements, form-based zoning, a more coordinated marketing and branding effort, and key investments in public space, new street connections, and improved access management. The plan focused on leveraging the area’s key assets such as its interstate access and significant retail base to drive the redevelopment.

TSW’s recommendations for the plan were based on detailed input from the community and key property owners, as well as a detailed market analysis, to ensure that they were feasible. Several public meetings were held to gather input from the community and property owners. The plan also includes conservatively identified public projects to leverage private investment with limited funds.

Overall, the Banks Crossing Redevelopment Plan is a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating the area and is expected to have a positive impact on the community for years to come. The plan’s goal is to make Banks Crossing a more vibrant and attractive place for residents and visitors alike, and to drive economic development in the area.