Project Description

Blue Heron Nature Preserve Master Plan


Client: Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2015


  • Master plan update focusing on stakeholder group input
  • Prioritization of project and rough order of magnitude costs


Set along historic Nancy Creek, the Blue Heron Nature Preserve offers the local community beautifully preserved and restored wetlands, woodlands, pond ecology, and meadows. Blue Heron Nature Preserve (BHNP) updated its 2008 master plan to create a vision for the future of the Preserve. Much of the previous plan was implemented and new land was acquired, resulting in the need for a vision and plan update. BHNP retained TSW to assist with the planning process and to create the master plan illustration and supporting documents.

TSW met with multiple stakeholder focus groups and a smaller steering committee with representatives from each group. The focus groups included BHNP staff and volunteers, neighborhood residents, City of Atlanta staff (Parks and Recreation, Department of Watershed Management), a group of partners, and the Project and Facilities Committee. Following the input review process, TSW developed the design and planning recommendations based on the BHNP vision was organized by art, wildlife, habitat, and history categories. Recommendations ranged from entrance signage and art to trail connections to new buildings and areas for educational activities.