Blythewood Town Hall Park


Client: Town of Blythewood

Location: Blythwood, South Carolina

Status: Completed in 2013


  • Concept plan for new park space as part of a master plan for Blythewood
  • Multi-functional park next to town hall in the historic town core


Blythewood is a historic village located 20 miles north of Columbia, South Carolina. Faced by significant development pressure, the town retained TSW in 2008 to prepare a master plan, including recommendations for and design of new park space and public facilities. One of the key features of the master plan was the proposed Town Hall Park, which is nestled in the historic village core of the Town of Blythewood and offers a broad range of amenities in its 23 acres.

The community gardens in Town Hall Park provide space for residents to grow their own food, with the added benefit of being able to sell their produce at the farmer and artist market kiosks. This not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also supports local agriculture and economy.

The park also includes much-needed athletic fields, a skatepark, and a small amphitheater that are intended to serve as regional draws. These amenities are designed to attract people of all ages, interests and abilities, promoting healthy and active lifestyle.

Additional features of the park include walking and biking paths, bioswale areas and a small pond, preserved pockets of mature trees, a playground and active fountain, pervious parking areas, and a restored historic Blythewood depot. The entire park is within a short walk of Blythewood Town Hall and adjacent schools, homes, and shops, making it easily accessible to the community.

Proposed development along the park would provide informal supervision and bring amenities within reach of a broader population. The park is designed to be a hub of activity, promoting community engagement and socialization. The Town Hall Park is a great example of how TSW’s landscape architecture studio can design a park that seamlessly blends in with the community and provides an array of recreational opportunities while promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.