Project Description


Town of Blythewood
Project Status:
Approved by the Town of Blythewood
Project Overview:
• A site plan consistent with the town’s Master Plan
• Building closer to street with parking in the back

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Blythewood, South Carolina

The intersection of Blythewood Road and US 21 is a key location in the Town of Blythewood, South Carolina. Until recently the site was occupied by a former used car dealership, although the TSW-prepared Town of Blythewood Master Plan targets it for more walkable, “Main Street” style development given its central location in the community.

In early 2012, the Walgreens pharmacy chain approached the Town of Blythewood requesting zoning approval to construct a prototypical 16,000 square foot store surrounded by surface parking. Recognizing that this was not consistent with the Master Plan’s vision, the Town retained TSW to prepare an alternative development program that would respect Walgreens’ business model, while still respecting the community’s vision.

Working with Town officials and Walgreens, TSW’s Planning and Landscape Architecture studios developed a plan that brought the building closer to the street, eliminated frontal parking and replaced it with landscaping, improved the streetscape along Blythewood Road and US 21, and guided Walgreens’ architects towards a more contextual design solution. The plan was approved by the Town of Blythewood.