Bolton Park Swim Club


Client: Bolton Park LP

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2017


  • 4,372 square foot building
  • Amenity building for Bolton Park
  • Regional contemporary style


The Bolton Park Swim Club is a 4,372 square foot amenity center that serves as an additional feature of the Bolton Park Apartments development. This 226 unit apartment development is located in the Riverside Neighborhood on the Westside of Atlanta. The Swim Club building is adjacent to the Development’s pool and offers a great room, conference room, offices, fitness room, theatre room, kitchen, fireplace, and restrooms for the residents. The building also features a covered porch that creates a shaded sitting area for the pool. The basic building construction of the Swim Club includes concrete foundations, dimensional framed wood walls, and manufactured gang-nail wood roof trusses.

The Bolton Park Swim Center utilizes the regional-contemporary aesthetic of the other buildings in the Development. The key elements of the design include regional traditional roof forms and materials with a light color palette of whites and tans, accented with bright colors. The building is designed to be a focal point of the Development and offers spaces that are flexible and have large windows that blend the exterior into the interior, inviting residents to enjoy the pool and the great room as one blended room.

The Swim Club provides additional amenities for the residents of the Bolton Park Apartments, offering them a variety of recreational and social spaces to enjoy. The great room, conference room, and offices provide space for residents to gather and socialize, while the fitness room and theatre room provide additional spaces for entertainment and relaxation. The kitchen and fireplace provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the restrooms and covered porch provide necessary facilities and a shaded area to relax. The addition of the Swim Club building to the development enhances the overall living experience for the residents of Bolton Park Apartments and encourages a sense of community within the development.