Project Description

TSW Bridgeside01 Bridgeside

Project Status:
Designed in 2002
Project Overview:
• 60-acre urban redevelopment concept plan
• Targeting at aging baby boomers
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Charleston, South Carolina

The Vision Plan for Bridgeside, across the Cooper River from downtown Charleston, transforms what was previously a car-oriented, “suburban”-style series of unrelated development parcels, surrounded by a sea of surface parking, into an integrated pedestrian-oriented urban environment. This plan provides an important civic window to the river with a public riverfront plaza and marina. Totaling nearly 2 million square feet of built space, it also includes a festive street market, performing arts, and convention center, and two major hotels. The vision was to create a stimulating “town center” environment appealing to aging baby boomers who seek a more sophisticated lifestyle with diverse retail and dining experiences, and new recreational activities that suit a maturing population.

TSW led the planning and urban design effort in collaboration with Elkus-Manfredi Architects. The foundation for Bridgeside’s 60 acres is good urban design: a grid of human-scaled streets, sidewalk oriented businesses, a diverse mix of uses, purposeful public spaces, and a neighborhood scale that is walkable.

TSW Bridgeside02 Bridgeside