Project Status:
Design completed in 2000
Project Overview:
• Master plan for 6,000-acre oceanfront resort
• Plan for future improvements and development based on the already developed 3,000 acres
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CostaSur, Dominican Republic
TSW’s work on the Casa de Campo resort project was an example of their ability to bring a holistic approach to complex development projects. Not only did they create a master plan that addressed the existing resort and future expansion, but they also worked closely with a leading golf course architect to ensure that the project was able to maximize its potential.

One of the key challenges of the project was to create a plan that balanced the development of new amenities and attractions with the need to preserve the natural beauty of the site and its unique coastal location. TSW was able to address this challenge by working closely with the owners and stakeholders to create a vision for the resort that was both practical and ambitious.

One of the standout features of the project was the redevelopment of the former airport property, which was transformed into a key component of the resort’s overall master plan. This involved not only the design and construction of new buildings and amenities, but also the careful integration of these elements with the surrounding environment and the existing resort.

Overall, TSW’s work on the Casa de Campo project demonstrated their ability to bring together a variety of skills and expertise to create a comprehensive and cohesive development plan. By working closely with the owners, stakeholders, and leading professionals in the field, TSW was able to ensure that the project met its goals and realized its full potential.