City of Gulf Shores Public Restrooms


Client: City of Gulf Shores, Alabama

Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama

Status: Completed May 2018


  • Fortified Building

  • Turtle-friendly Lighting

  • Civil Building


The City of Gulf Shores Public Restrooms is a series of three restroom buildings built over multiple phases of the Gulf Place beach revitalization project commissioned by the City of Gulf Shores. The Phase 1A Restroom was originally designed by Carleton G. McCurry Architects in 2004. This building was renovated as part of this revitalization. Phase 1B and Phase 2 restroom buildings are new construction. The goal of the reimagining was to “bring the beach to the town, and the town to the beach” through a series of vibrant buildings integrated into the landscape to create a unique destination. There are 40 total fixtures for the restrooms. These buildings are companion buildings to the City of Gulf Shores Public Safety Facility. They share a similar aesthetic and expression of materials. The structural concrete and CMU have been left exposed. These along with the cumaru wood accents create a textured façade. The buildings and site use sustainable and low-impact development strategies, and all lighting meets EPA Fish and Wildlife Standards for sea turtle-friendly amber lighting.