Project Description

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City of Monroe
Project Status:
Completed in 2008
Project Overview:
• Extensive public participation process
• Framework for promoting sustainable growth in downtown Monroe
• Transportation recommendations for improving connectivity and promoting all travel modes
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Monroe, Georgia

The City of Monroe, located approximately 40 miles east of Atlanta along US 78, was selected in 2007 by the Atlanta Regional Commission for funding as part of the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program. The LCI program is intended to promote greater livability, mobility, and development alternatives by directing development toward areas with existing infrastructure, which will benefit the region and minimize sprawling land use patterns.

The City of Monroe Town Center LCI Study creates a long-term vision for promoting sustainable growth within its downtown core, along Broad Street, and in nearby neighborhoods. With a heavy focus on public participation, the Study provides a visionary yet achievable blueprint for change that reflects Monroe’s historic character, environmental conditions, development potential, transportation needs, and regulatory framework.

The City of Monroe has experienced significant growth pressure from metropolitan Atlanta in recent years and has grappled with balancing new residential and commercial development while protecting its historic resources. The LCI Study illustrates how a balance can be achieved with infill development and new development on the periphery that complements the downtown core.

For infill development, the Study calls for preserving downtown buildings, taking advantage of small block sizes, and preserving street connectivity. An important element of the Study reinforces the existing retail patterns along Broad and Spring Streets to create a continuous shopping experience. Also vital to the downtown core is balancing parking. The Study recommends that all new buildings self-park, while additional public parking is to be provided strategically.

For new developments at the edge of downtown, the Study provides recommendations for street and block patterns to build on the historic core’s model of sustainable growth.

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