City of Sapulpa Codes and Standards


Client: City of Sapulpa

Location: Sapulpa, OK

Status: Current


  • Creating design standards and regulations to align with Downtown Master Plan

  • Project included public outreach and stakeholder interviews

  • Project includes elements of historic preservation and restoration


The City of Sapulpa, Oklahoma has teamed up with TSW to develop new design standards and zoning codes for the historic downtown district. The downtown area of Sapulpa is an incredibly well-preserved example of a historic neighborhood, and city leaders have set out a Master Plan to guarantee its future success while maintaining its rich history. To achieve this goal, TSW has partnered with city staff to form a steering committee comprising of city officials, property owners, and developers. This committee will work together to create a set of design standards and zoning codes that will guide development in the downtown area moving forward.

TSW is utilizing a variety of methods to ensure that the new design standards and zoning codes are reflective of the needs and character of Downtown Sapulpa. Walking tours of the area are being conducted, during which members of the community can provide input and share their thoughts on how the downtown should be developed. Additionally, community meetings and open houses are being held, giving residents and stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback and get involved in the process. To ensure transparency and accountability, a public review period will be held before the final document is adopted by the city.

This partnership between TSW and the City of Sapulpa is an essential step in ensuring that the historic downtown district remains a vibrant and thriving community for years to come. By working together, TSW and city officials are able to create a framework for development that is informed by the needs and desires of the community, while also preserving the unique character and history of the area. The end result will be a comprehensive set of design standards and zoning codes that will guide development in the downtown area in a way that is both sustainable and respectful of the past.