City of Tucker Sign Ordinance


Client: City of Tucker

Location: Tucker, Georgia

Status: Approved in May 2019


  • Review and update of existing sign regulations for legality, design, and usability

  • Robust public involvement process


When the city of Tucker was incorporated in 2015, it adopted the previous sign ordinance and zoning regulations from DeKalb County. However, these regulations did not reflect the historic nature of the city nor its growing sense of identity. As a result, TSW was retained by the City to facilitate a public process to review and update existing sign regulations for legality, design, and usability.

The sign ordinance update process included the creation of a steering committee made up of city staff, community members, and business representatives to guide the process. Additionally, a robust series of public meetings were held to gather input from the community and review various potential requirements for the new ordinance. TSW also conducted a review of which DeKalb County regulations were still applicable to the city and which were not.

The result of the process was a completely updated sign ordinance that provided customized regulation and design standards, significantly improved usability, and the use of graphics and tables. The regulations included both citywide standards, and customized design requirements for the downtown area, as well as major redevelopment sites. These new regulations reflect the unique character and identity of the city of Tucker, and provide a more functional and user-friendly experience for residents and businesses.