City of Woodstock Streetscape


Client: City of Woodstock

Location: Woodstock, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2011


  • Streetscape and roadway improvements for Main Street in Woodstock
  • Schematic design and construction documents follow GDOT standards and guideline


TSW was first retained by the City of Woodstock and the Downtown Development Authority to develop a comprehensive Downtown Master Plan and Zoning Code for the historic downtown area. The goal of this project was to enhance and connect the existing street network, and to provide a more pedestrian-friendly environment for residents and visitors.

As part of the master planning process, TSW developed recommendations to increase parking for commercial uses, introduce turn lanes to decrease congestion, and improve the overall pedestrian experience. These recommendations were incorporated into the final Downtown Master Plan, which served as a roadmap for the redevelopment of the historic downtown area.

After the completion of the Downtown Master Plan, the City of Woodstock retained TSW’s Landscape Architecture Studio to provide schematic design and construction documents for several blocks along Main Street. The main challenge of designing the streetscape was the significant grade changes between the road and storefronts, which had developed over the years from the paving process.

Based on the recommendations from the Master Plan, TSW designed the streetscape to include two travel lanes with turn lanes at key intersections, a combination of parallel and angled parking, visible crosswalks, street trees and lighting, and steps down to the storefronts at key locations. TSW also followed GDOT guidelines and standards in the design process to ensure the new streetscape would meet all necessary safety and accessibility requirements.

The new streetscape design, following the recommendations of the Downtown Master Plan, helps to enhance the overall aesthetic and connectivity of the historic downtown area and make it more welcoming and accessible to both residents and visitors.