City of Perry: 3rd Street Park


Client: City of Perry

Location: Perry, Georgia

Status: Design Development


  • Landscape architecture service for a city park and streetscape


TSW collaborated with the City of Perry to design and develop a linear park at the entrance of the city. The park serves as a welcoming gateway and offers a variety of amenities for the community to enjoy.

The focal point of the park is a linear water feature, which includes a spray fountain that spills into an in-ground runnel, following the natural grade of the site. The water feature not only adds a visually pleasing element to the park but also serves a practical purpose by mitigating current erosion issues on site and properly dealing with localized stormwater.

The park also includes tree-filled bosques, which provide shade for residents when in use and offer a vegetative backdrop for cars passing by into the city. The use of native vegetative screening creates a buffer on the east side of the site between the park and existing retail. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the park but also helps to reduce noise pollution and increase privacy.

Additionally, the park design includes various walking paths, seating areas, and playgrounds to provide opportunities for residents to engage in physical activity and socialize with their community. The park also incorporates sustainable design principles, such as the use of permeable pavement and rain gardens, to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

Overall, the linear park at the entrance of the City of Perry serves as a beautiful and functional space for the community to enjoy. The incorporation of a linear water feature, tree-filled bosques, native vegetative screening, and sustainable design principles make it a unique and valuable addition to the city. The park serves as a representation of the city’s commitment to enhancing the lives of its residents through the provision of high-quality public spaces.