City of Snellville Towne Center Districts


Client: City of Snellville

Location: Snellville, Georgia

Status: Towne Center District Regulations adopted in November 2016


  • Towne Center Districts regulations to support the vision of the 2003 Livable Centers Initiative, 2030 Comprehensive Plan, and Towne Center Master Plan
  • Examined and analyzed existing plans and ordinances to finalize an approach for new Towne Center regulations
  • Drafting process to include input from Snellville Mayor and City Council


The Snellville Towne Center Districts were prepared in late 2016 to implement key policy recommendations of the City’s 2003 Livable Centers Initiative Study, 2030 Comprehensive Plan, and Towne Center Master Plan. Each of these efforts called for creating a mixed-use core for Snellville while recognizing that the City’s zoning regulations would not actually allow one to be built.

In order to support the development of the Towne Center, TSW was retained, as part of a larger Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) process, to draft customized zoning regulations for the Towne Center Area prior to completion of the full UDO. The regulations, approved in December of 2016, used a community-based effort to guide the creation of two new Towne Center Districts, one mixed-use and one residential, that would be available for use within the City’s center.

The adopted districts include both design characteristic regulations and standards for allowed building types, building placement, and size. Both also include the creation of street grids and incorporates Form-Based Code elements in a user-friendly, easy to navigate, and graphically-oriented format.