Clarkston 2040



Client: City of Clarkston

Location: Clarkston, Georgia

Status: Approved in October 2016


  • Comprehensive Plan Update to guide land use and transportation decisions
  • Inclusive community participation program with multiple opportunities for involvement and input
  • Utilizing Poll Everywhere as a fun, interactive tool during public meeting to get immediate responses to questions and to develop word clouds


After completing the 2015 Clarkston LCI Study, TSW was also retained by the City of Clarkston to lead their 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update. Clarkston 2040 is a comprehensive planning process looking at the next 25 years that will develop guidelines and strategies for land use and transportation decisions.  Building on the previous Comprehensive Plan findings and other city-sponsored studies, along with community input, TSW worked to build on:

  • Embracing diversity;
  • Improving the perception of Clarkston; and
  • Enhancing connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists

Clarkston 2040 included an extensive community engagement component for its accelerated time frame, including two planning forums, steering community input, and public meetings to present draft and final recommendations.  TSW built on catalyst projects identified as part of the LCI study, including: redeveloping City Hall with a town green; developing a comprehensive trail/bike system; and rehabilitation and revitalization of the downtown core.