Columbia State Community College Master Plan


Client: Tennessee Board of Regents

Location: Columbia, Tennesse

Status: Completed in 2016


  • Master Plan for Main Campus in rural Middle Tennessee

  • Included demographic study looking at enrollment growth and job market sectors

  • Included phasing plan for demolishing and replacing underutilized space


Columbia State Community College, established in 1967, has since grown to become a comprehensive institution with five campuses and a strong commitment to higher education in Tennessee. However, despite its success, many of its buildings and infrastructure have become outdated, hindering its ability to attract and retain students and maintain its position as a leading community college.

To address these challenges, TSW was brought in to conduct a comprehensive study of the college’s facilities, demographic, and market trends. TSW analyzed population growth, market penetration, and social characteristics that could impact potential enrollment, as well as academic programs related to growing and struggling job sectors. The results of the study were used to develop a phased approach to renovating or demolishing outdated buildings and to enhance existing mature trees and landscaping through new pedestrian plazas, building entrance improvements, and the continuation of the main allée of trees.

The Master Plan provides a roadmap for the future of Columbia State, with cost estimates, funding sources, and project timelines for each recommendation. Major renovations to the gymnasium and library are also included in the plan, aimed at providing improved facilities that will help attract and retain more students. TSW’s comprehensive approach, which includes both a detailed space analysis and a phased approach to renovations and new construction, will ensure that Columbia State continues to be a leading institution in Tennessee and a source of pride for its community.