Cosmopolitan Townhomes Phase I


Client: Kaplan Communities

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2005


  • Traditional styled brownstones

  • Urban infill project

  • Provide density and height transition from the high rise condominium tower to the surrounding lower density


The Cosmopolitan Townhomes Phase I is one component of a 258 unit urban infill residential project located in Buckhead Atlanta. The development occupies 4.7 acres of land north of Lindbergh Drive. This first phase of townhomes includes 14 homes with 32 additional townhomes planned for Phase II, providing a diverse housing option for the residents of Buckhead Atlanta.

The 3-story townhomes are designed to provide a transition from the lower density surroundings to the higher density condominium buildings. The primary façade material of the townhomes is brick, with complementary tan and brown bricks applied to each individual townhome to provide the development with a traditional street rhythm. The use of brick not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the development but also provides durability and low maintenance.

A rear alley has been provided to allow for private entrances to the townhomes and to maintain an uninterrupted street frontage. This design choice not only enhances the privacy of the residents but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the development. Large front, side, and rear windows allow ample natural light into the open plan interior spaces, creating bright and inviting living spaces. Privacy walls are located at the rear to screen the rear decks and provide privacy from the side street.

The Cosmopolitan Townhomes Phase I is designed to be a welcoming and vibrant community that provides residents with a diverse and sustainable housing option in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta. With its prime location, high-quality construction, and attention to detail, the Cosmopolitan Townhomes Phase I is a must-see development for anyone looking for an urban lifestyle in the heart of Atlanta.