Project Status:
Plan Completed in 1999
Project Overview:
• Master plan for 4500-acre resort/second home community
• Organize the entire area into six distinct districts that appeal to specific buyer profiles
• Integrate open space preservation with amenities
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Guanacaste, Costa Rica
TSW was retained to provide master planning services for a 4500-acre resort and second home community called Costa Pinilla Master Plan, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Market research conducted by TSW team targeted the growing demand for retiree housing in tandem with strong beach and golf resort components. The TSW team’s plan identified six distinctly different “districts”, each appealing to a specific buyer profile, which are:

The Resort, which serves as the primary activity hub and includes traditional Village Center.

The Hacienda, an active adult community focused on the property’s extraordinary environmental diversity and includes nature-based activities and amenities.

The Coastal Village, an exclusive gated residential enclave for those who desire privacy and upscale living.

The Ranch, an equestrian-centered agricultural subdivision for those with a love for horses and farming.

The Pueblo, modeled on a traditional Costa Rican town to appeal to the local market, and will include a mix of residential, commercial and civic uses.

The Preserve, an environmentally-sensitive river valley set aside in conjunction with “The Pinilla Institute” for conservation and education purposes, which will include hiking trails, bird-watching opportunities and educational activities.

The TSW team’s master plan for the 4500-acre resort and second home community is designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of potential buyers, while also preserving the area’s natural beauty and biodiversity. The plan is also designed to promote sustainable development and will include environmentally-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and solar energy. The TSW team’s plan is not only a model for sustainable development but also a blueprint for creating a vibrant and livable community that will attract retirees, second-home buyers, and local residents alike.