Design and Code Compliance Review


Client: Various

Location: Various

Status: Complete


  • Project review services to help plan implementation in many communities
  • From quick compliance review to more complex developer negotiations


An important part of realizing the vision of a public planning effort is new development’s compatibility with the plan. Often, design-based regulations are key to this, yet even the best crafted ones can be ineffective without proper administration.

As part of ensuring that its public planning projects are properly implemented, TSW provides project review services for a variety of jurisdictions, often subsequent to design-based coding efforts. Services range from quick compliance reviews, to more complex developer negotiations. Communities that have been assisted by TSW include:

  • The City of Doraville, Georgia, where TSW’s Caleb Racicot periodically assists staff in reviewing projects under the City’s locally-calibrated SmartCode, including the redevelopment of the former 140-acre GM Assembly Plant into a model transit-oriented development.
  • The City of Buford, Georgia, where Mr. Racicot periodically reviews mixed-use conditional permits in the downtown area for plan compliance. During these efforts, TSW translates their suggestions into draft permit conditions, and negotiates with applicants prior to final condition adoption by the City Commission.
  • The City of Hapeville, Georgia, where Mr. Racicot assisted the Design Review Commission from 2004-2006 in reviewing applications for compliance with the TSW-authored Architectural Design Standards. As part of this, TSW prepared memos to the commission summarizing TSW’s findings, including a code compliance review, and optional suggestions for improving the project’s design.
  • Central Atlanta Progress in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, where Mr. Racicot sits on the SPI 1 Development Review Commission and reviews projects for compliance with the TSW-authored SPI 1 Downtown Livability Code. Projects reviewed range from adaptive reuses of small buildings to large mixed-use, high-rise complexes covering several blocks.
  • Midtown Alliance in Atlanta, Georgia, where Mr. Racicot periodically assisted staff in reviewing projects in the SPI 16 district from 2005-2009. This involved clarifying code compliance as well as general design review for mixed-use high-rises.
  • The Town of Blythewood, South Carolina, where TSW periodically reviews projects for compliance with the TSW-prepared town master plan. To date, projects reviewed are limited to small commercial establishments.

Additionally, while employed at the Atlanta Bureau of Planning, Caleb Racicot review rezoning and special administrative permit requests for code compliance and design, in addition to negotiating with developers and neighborhoods.