Douglasville Gateways


Client: City of Douglasville

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

Status: Underway


  • Steel and brick speak to the historic character of the downtown


TSW, a professional consulting firm, was retained by the City of Douglasville to create concept plans for two Gateway Parks in the city. These parks, located at key entry points along the recently expanded and redesigned HWY 92, are intended to welcome visitors and residents alike into the city and serve as a symbol of Douglasville’s community pride and identity.

The concept plans created by TSW include hardscape and landscape call-outs for proposed ideas and materials. Several concepts were explored before narrowing the options down to two final concepts that were agreed upon by the City and Community and Development Services Director. To ensure that the designs align with the character of Douglasville’s historic downtown, TSW used brick, wood, and steel as the main materials in the Gateway Parks.

The designs for the Gateway Parks were created to be visually appealing and reflective of the city’s character. They include features such as pathways, seating areas, landscaping, and welcome signs that display the city’s name. The Gateway Parks will not only serve as a welcoming point for visitors but also provide a space for the community to gather and enjoy the outdoors. The parks will be an important part of the city’s efforts to promote tourism and economic development. Overall, TSW’s concept plans for the Gateway Parks will be an important addition to the city of Douglasville and help to enhance the community’s sense of pride and identity.