Project Description

TSW DouglasvilleLCIStudy10YearUpdate01 Douglasville LCI Study 10-Year Update

City of Douglasville
Project Status:
Completed in 2011
Project Overview:
• Comprehensive land use and transportation plan
• Community-based planning process
• Recommendations that support green community and lifelong living
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Douglasville, Georgia

In 2011 TSW was retained by the City of Douglasville to review and update its 2001 Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study. The 2001 study had established a vision, “to create a sense of place and improve the quality of life in downtown Douglasville for current and future generations.” Under this vision, three goals were developed for the area: 1) Ensure that downtown is convenient and accessible; 2) Provide safe and attractive neighborhoods and commercial centers; and 3) Create an active village center.

Because these goals were geared more towards downtown than the entire study area, the 10-year update focused on the greater study area’s land uses, transportation facilities, and the interactions between the two. Specific goals include to:

  • Improve connectivity between downtown, surrounding neighborhoods, and emerging activity centers by providing pedestrian, vehicular, bicycle, and transit facilities that allow easy access.
  • Encourage diversity in the design of buildings, the types of uses, the range of housing types, the layout of neighborhoods, and the design of the public realm.
  • Strive for green communities that reduce the impact of development, conserve open space, and use natural and cultural resources wisely.
  • Promote lifelong living by offering multiple housing and transportation choices, encouraging healthy lifestyles and expanding access to services.

Through a community-based planning process TSW worked with stakeholders to define specific projects and policies to achieve these goals. These include the identification of character areas, development opportunities, transportation projects, public art, green spaces, and a variety of other elements. The plan also included a detailed action plan and implementation strategy that identified steps for the City to take to move the plan from vision to reality.

TSW DouglasvilleLCIStudy10YearUpdate02 Douglasville LCI Study 10-Year Update