City of Atlanta and Central Atlanta Progress
Project Status:
Completed in 2006
Project Overview:
• Collaborative effort to create a user-friendly zoning district
• Code promotes higher density mixed-use development
• Code addresses both non-historic and historic districts
• Provide incentives for affordable housing and on-street parking
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Atlanta, Georgia

TSW prepared a new zoning code for Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, as part of a joint effort between the City of Atlanta and Central Atlanta Progress to guide future growth. In addition to these parties, the process included area residents as well as business and property owners in a collaborative effort to create an efficient, easy to understand, and easy to administer zoning district.

Since the 1996 Olympics, Downtown has experienced a resurgence in development activity, including several thousand new housing units. These units join an area that already contains six MARTA rail stations, 13 million square feet of office space, two hospital campuses, Georgia State University, a convention center, and City, County, State and Federal offices.

The Downtown Livability Code will further promote increased residential and retail uses Downtown in order to create a mixed-use, vibrant center. In addition, the code will promote a safe, convenient and pleasurable pedestrian environment to tie these existing and future uses together.

The Code includes both non-historic and historic districts. Basic urban design requirements ensure that all buildings meet the basic tenets of good urbanism. Additional regulations for the Fairlie-Poplar and Terminus historic districts ensure that new development will be compatible with existing buildings, but do not prescribe a specific architectural style.

The Code also includes incentives to meet public objectives through a public-private partnership. These incentives include density bonuses for providing affordable housing and on-street parking.