Project Description

TSW DowntownParkingStreetNetworkStudy01 Clarksville, Tennessee Downtown Parking & Street Network Study

City of Clarksville
Project Status:
Completed in 2010

Project Overview:
• Community-based plan
• Street sections developed to set standards for improvements
• Maximize on-street parking capacity
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Clarksville, Tennessee

TSW has been involved in Downtown Clarksville for two decades, having completed a phased development plan, park and multi-use trail design, and a parking and street network study.

The 2010 Downtown Parking and Street Network Study is a community-based vision for on-street parking, connectivity, and pedestrian and bike travel. The study takes a forward-thinking approach resulting in the development of 14 unique street cross-sections. The study began with a review of existing codes, regulations, plans and studies and existing conditions. The review of existing conditions was conducted by block and examined on-street parking capacity and utilization rates during period of peak parking demand; land use to parking ratios; sidewalk conditions; intersection facilities; and street trees.

Recommendations that evolved out of the public involvement process included:

  • Maximization of on-street parking to prepare for future development and help create a pedestrian environment
  • Incorporate back-in or reverse-in diagonal parking to maximize parking and for safety
  • Upgrade pedestrian crosswalks with striping, signage, and signals
  • Incorporate medians for certain street sections to reduce lane width
  • Develop a wayfinding master plan
    Incorporate sustainable strategies, such as bioswales and native street trees
  • Promote shared parking opportunities
  • Adopt bicycle parking requirements and retrofit existing streets for bicycle facilities

TSW DowntownParkingStreetNetworkStudy02 Clarksville, Tennessee Downtown Parking & Street Network Study