Duluth Downtown Master Plan & Implementation


Client: City of Duluth

Location: Duluth, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2016


  • Master Plan completed and Phase I streetscapes are under construction
  • Catalyst project is in construction documentation phase
  • Master Plan for Duluth’s downtown core to establish a vision for the future of the area
  • Streetscape design and construction documentation
  • Design and construction documentation for Parsons Alley Block, a catalytic project


TSW was retained by the City of Duluth to develop their Downtown Master Plan, known as the Duluth Downtown Master Plan & Implementation, which aimed to establish a vision for the future of the downtown area as a true hometown and a regional magnet for commerce. The Master Plan detailed an implementation strategy of municipal projects, needed policy changes, and catalytic projects to fulfill that vision.

Following the Master Plan, TSW designed streetscapes for the downtown area focusing on a balance between vehicles and pedestrians. The streetscape is a two-phase project on historic Main Street designed to accommodate outdoor dining, buskers, and mid-block crossings. The project has also increased the amount of on-street parking available in downtown Duluth, making it more convenient for visitors and residents alike. This is an important aspect of the Duluth Downtown Master Plan & Implementation, as it helps to create a more walkable and bikeable downtown area.

Another implementation project that resulted from recommendations in the Master Plan is the catalytic project, the Parsons Alley Block. TSW is designing Construction Documents for the site, which includes a plaza area to serve the downtown area and adjacent restaurants with seating, a bocce ball court, entertainment screen, play art structure, public art, and a redesigned surface parking area. The Parsons Alley Block project is expected to be a major draw for visitors to the downtown area, providing a lively and attractive gathering space for the community. This project is a perfect example of how the Duluth Downtown Master Plan & Implementation is being put into action to revitalize the downtown area.

Overall, the Master Plan and its implementation projects have been instrumental in helping to revitalize the downtown area of Duluth and make it a more vibrant and attractive place for residents and visitors alike. The balance between vehicles and pedestrians, the increased on-street parking, and the new plaza area in Parsons Alley Block are all contributing to the overall goal of making downtown Duluth a true hometown and a regional magnet for commerce as per the Duluth Downtown Master Plan & Implementation. The city has a clear direction for future growth and development and is making progress towards achieving their vision for the downtown area.