Duluth Main Street Streetscapes


Client: City of Duluth

Location: Duluth, Georgia

Status: Phase I and II Built


  • Streetscape enhancements along Main Street
  • Design focuses on providing a safe and comfortable pedestrian environment


The TSW team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing conditions on Main Street to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the corridor. They evaluated the current pedestrian and vehicular circulation, accessibility, and safety, as well as the condition of the existing infrastructure and sidewalks. They also evaluated the existing street trees, landscaping, and lighting, and identified opportunities for improvement.

The team then developed a concept design, called Duluth Main Street Streetscapes, that responds to the goals and objectives of the Master Plan, and incorporates the findings from the existing conditions analysis. The design is focused on providing a safe and comfortable pedestrian environment, including ADA access, and creating a sense of place and identity for the downtown area. The streetscape design includes new sidewalks and curb extensions, street trees, landscaping, and lighting. The team also proposed a new bike lane, as well as other bicycle and pedestrian improvements, including new crosswalks and signalized intersections.

In addition to the physical improvements, the team also proposed a series of design guidelines to ensure consistency and continuity in the design of future improvements along the corridor. These guidelines include design standards for sidewalks, street trees, landscaping, and lighting, as well as guidelines for the use of materials and colors.

TSW developed the construction documents phase for the streetscape design, which were followed by construction administration. The team is also working on Phase II of the project, which includes additional blocks along Main Street. The goal of the project is to transform Main Street into a vibrant, safe, and accessible corridor that serves as the heart of the downtown area and supports economic development.