Gwinnett County On-Demand Landscape Architecture Services


Client: Gwinnett County

Location: Gwinnett County, Georgia

Status: Various Stages


  • Full master planning and landscape architecture services for various projects (design through construction administration)


TSW was retained by Gwinnett County to provide on-demand services for various parks and recreation projects. TSW is leading a multidisciplinary team to complete concept design through construction documents for several projects within Gwinnett County.

One of the projects TSW is working on is the surveying for Centerville Park. This project involves gathering detailed information on the land, including its topography and current conditions, in order to inform the design and development of the park.

Another project TSW is working on is the surveying and development program for Club Drive Park Phase II. This project involves conducting surveys to gather information on the land and the existing park, as well as developing a program for the design and construction of Phase II of the park.

TSW is also working on the construction documents for George Pierce Park Baseball Plaza and associated landscape improvements. This project involves creating detailed construction documents that will be used to guide the building of the baseball plaza and associated landscape improvements.

In addition, TSW is working on the Yellow River Greenway Topographic and Tree Location Survey. This project involves conducting a survey of the topography and tree locations along the Yellow River Greenway in order to inform the design and development of the greenway.

Finally, TSW is providing construction documents, bidding, and construction administration services for a Boardwalk and Paved Trail within the Sweetwater Creek floodplain. This project involves creating detailed construction documents, overseeing the bidding process, and providing construction administration services to ensure that the boardwalk and trail are built to the highest standards. Overall, TSW is providing valuable services to Gwinnett County to improve the quality of parks and recreation areas for the community.