Project Description

TSW HapevilleMainStreetTownCenterLCI01 Hapeville Main Street Town Center LCI

City of Hapeville
Project Status:
Completed in 2006
Project Overview:
• Extensive public participation process
• Framework for sustainable town center development and redevelopment
• Transportation recommendations for improving connectivity and promoting all travel modes
2006 Georgia Planning Association Outstanding Planning Document
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Hapeville, Georgia

Hapeville is located approximately 10 miles south of downtown Atlanta, between I-75 and I-85. In 2005 the City of Hapeville retained the TSW Team to develop a long-term vision to enable the growth of its historic downtown and adjacent neighborhoods by promoting visual appeal, establishing a compatible mix of land uses, preserving sense of place, ensuring multiple transportation options, and supporting economic development. With an extensive public participation component, the study assisted the community in defining their vision and creating a master plan that outlines proposed land uses and market-based development opportunities for an attractive and sustainable core.

Some of the recommendations of the study include concentrating new development into the downtown area as a way of expanding the city’s tax base without negatively impacting its historic neighborhoods. To this end, the plan calls for preserving historic downtown buildings while gradually redeveloping the surrounding vacant and marginal commercial uses into more pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use buildings. To the south, the College Square area – a former neighborhood that was cleared years ago as part of an unexecuted airport expansion – is envisioned as the Atlanta area’s next great urban neighborhood, in the spirit of places like Alexandria, VA, or Georgetown, DC.

The plan also recommends transportation improvements to support desired land uses. These include a focus on pedestrian and bicycle facilities with improved streetscapes, bike lanes and pedestrian crossing. Projects include neighborhood traffic calming, improved railroad crossings for cars and pedestrians, parking, and signage.

Following the study, TSW provided Urban Design Standards to regulate the character of the public and private realm, which will guide future development to carefully balance architecture, landscape design, and urban stewardship at all levels to create the highest quality environment for residents and visitors.

TSW HapevilleMainStreetTownCenterLCI02 Hapeville Main Street Town Center LCITSW HapevilleMainStreetTownCenterLCI03 Hapeville Main Street Town Center LCI